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East Preston Islamic College

East Preston Islamic College emphasises new technology in recently erected classroom facilities

  • East Preston Islamic College

  • May 2014

  • Samsung 65" Touch Screen & JED Control Panel

East Preston Islamic College in Preston has been undergoing significant technological changes over the past few years. The school, like many others, saw new buildings erected, and with each new building, emphasis was concentrated on ensuring that they be equipped with the very latest education technology. The new Multi Purpose Hall had a fully automated audio visual system installed, whilst the administration and new classroom building saw the installation of interactive whiteboards, ultra short throw projectors, and more audio visual systems integrated into open learning spaces.

Eighteen months on, and the fast paced technology industry has driven the school to look at the latest in cutting edge interactive systems. As a result, in May 2014, around another 20 classrooms were given a major upgrade with the installation of Samsung 65” commercial grade LED touch screens.

The new Samsung touch screens have provided the school with not only a smooth transition from the existing interactive whiteboard and projection systems that they have been used to, but it has also given them a competitive edge, offering the very latest in technology to their prospective students.

Each touch screen is controlled by the use of a wall mounted JED LED keypad, and connections include HDMI, VGA/Audio, & USB via a custom wall plate.

Bassam Farache, the school’s ICT Manager has worked closely with Chris and the Vision One team for many years now.

Bassam explains: “It has always been a priority for our school to ensure that we continue to provide our staff and our students with the very best technology available. We understand that there are a number of touch screen brands out there in the market place, and some are cheaper than Samsung. And although price is always a consideration and part of our purchasing criteria, it’s not the only thing we take into consideration. Most importantly for our school is knowing that we have a widely recognised brand and a dealer that can offer us a level of after sales service & support that to be honest can’t really be matched by any of its competitors. In working with Vision One and choosing the recommended Samsung brand, we believe we have secured both and it gives us great confidence going forward, and a peace of mind that all our requirements will be taken care of professionally and efficiently.

I have been working with Chris on some major projects over the past few years. What I love about Chris and all his guys is how simple they make everything for us. Whenever we need anything at all, Chris is always there to assist us. They respond to our requests quickly and resolve any problems with a minimum of fuss. It really makes my job so much easier when I know that I can simply pick up the phone, or send an email, and everything will just be taken care of. I look forward to working with Chris and his team for many years to come and would never hesitate to recommend Vision One Australia to my colleagues and friends.”

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