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LG Digital Signage Adds Value & High Exposure

A digital information display system building company is conducting a large-scale project of installing information-delivery signage at Seoul Metro stations, which are crowded all the time. In order to grab the attention of people quickly passing by, it was essential to choose a display with not only a clear image but also balanced color and high resolution from any angle.
“Since it is a large-scale project – installing 500 information delivery signs at 112 Metro stations – we chose LG’s product. LG’s IPS technology has a vivid and lifelike quality. It has no variation or color distortion and its color depiction is very detailed. Moreover, considering the large number of people always present where the signage was to be installed, the IPS panel was perfect for the project since it displays a clear, even image from any viewing angle.”
The LG product used for the project is the webOS 65-inch model just launched this year. As SoC Built-in model, it can play contents simply by plugging a USB without separate media player, making it easy to change and update contents.
Signage can be used as an effective advertising medium, carrying information about nearby shops. The contents can be updated easily and consumers can receive information about the shops close to the station on a wide screen display with a high-quality picture.

The public offered many favorable reviews about the signage at the Seoul Metro stations:

“The quality is absolutely fantastic with the best resolution and clarity.”

“It is the real No.1.”

“It seems to be displaying really vivid images.”

As usability is enhanced, the signage that accurately delivers diverse information through a vivid, high resolution display is becoming a popular advertising medium.

Along the passageway from Trade Center station to COEX, there is an eye-catching digital signage tunnel. Whereas the previous lighted advertisements at stations were static, the digital signage displays attention-getting video advertisements as well as media art.

The media tunnel, made of 126 55-inch IPS interconnected digital signage displays together reaching a total length of 27m, has created the biggest media advertising space in Korea. In addition, it has an action recognition program and interactive contents, enabling various communications with users. The space filled with LG digital signage is gaining attention for its increased advertising effectiveness thanks to its live contents and outstanding interior effect.
A video wall made of LG digital signage can also be seen at the exit of Gangnam station, which has the highest floating population. The applied model is the 55WV70MS, which has improved visibility due to its shine-out technology that provides a clear image even under direct sunlight or bright lighting. Although nine screens are used to compose one large display in a 3×3 format, the entire display overwhelms the space thanks to the ultra-slim bezels, combining to create an immersive viewing experience.
On either side of subway exit stairs, there is a 55-inch display that gives the impression of a photo frame due to the slim bezel. These displays provide up-to-the-minute information as people pass by, and thanks to the IPS panel they can be read from any angle.
A large video wall near the exit and display advertising board next to the stairs provide realistic and vivid contents benefiting the public by presenting necessary information and allowing corporations to maximize their promotion efforts.

LG Digital Signage not only offers advertising solutions but also adds beauty and value to any place. Its advanced technology has displays that are so visually appealing they serve as media art.

Spending on Audio Visual Solutions to Surge

Spending on Audio Visual Solutions to Surge

Infrastructure developments and the mega projects in the region are boosting spending on audio visual solutions and major vendors are gearing up to reap the harvest.

From high-definition slim bezel signage monitors to a range of intelligent, interactive LED displays, the market is embracing modernity, simplicity in design and intelligent innovation.

Ravinder Kumar, general manager of business solutions network at Sharp Middle East, told Gulf News that the industry is in a consistently growing trajectory.

“We need to discount the ongoing drop in oil prices but the overall audio visual industry is growing. The infrastructure projects in the region are promising for many years to come. The biggest countries are Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar,” he said.

Led by products, equipment, and services for megaprojects and events such as World Expo 2020 in Dubai, 2022 Fifa World Cup Qatar, and transport and Smart Cities projects in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the hospitality and retail sectors are set to see the most benefit.
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According to trade association InfoComm International, the Middle East’s audio visual market is set to post one of the world’s fastest growth rates after Asia, increasing by 76 per cent from $1.57 billion (Dh5.8 billion) in 2012 to $2.76 billion in 2016.

The audio visual market for the Middle East and Africa region is set to reach $4.63 billion by 2016, out of this the GCC is expected to contribute more than $300 million.

Buoyancy of growth

Audio visual technology covers every industry vertical, and can include high-definition displays and projectors, lighting to sound systems, and streaming and webcasting technology.

Kumar said that the buoyancy of growth has been predominant in health care and education besides infrastructure. Retailing sector has been strong due to the malls, theme parks and entertainment parks.

Sharp has launched the world’s first 8K TV and the world’s largest 120-inches 4K commercial screen, which is worth $250,000.

“We are looking at multiple sectors for the 120-inch screen, predominantly for high-security area control rooms and for some high-profile customers to use it homes,” Kumar said.

Richard Tan, Executive Director, InfoComm Asia Pte Ltd, said that the UAE is a hub for entertainment and sports, with its audio visual market for venues and events crossing $50 million by 2016.

“The Middle East posting one of the world’s fastest growth rates in audio visual technology shows that we’ve gone from an era of talking about the benefits of audio visual technology, to organisations actually purchasing solutions — whether high-definition displays for exhibition sites and stadiums, virtual check-in kiosks at hotels, or security systems for metro projects,” he said.

Robert Nurgberg, director of Marketing (B2B) at LG Middle East and Africa, said that the industry is going to explode in the next couple of years. The biggest sector for video walls is retail and transportation sectors.

Interactive Floor Projection – Water Effect

Motion interactive floor and wall projection systems are ever increasing in their popularity. Here’s a clip of one of our all-time favourite interactive floor effects – “Motion Water.”

Featuring your official company logo/imagery, your customers can engage and interact with a fully-responsive water-space as ripples emerge when the projection service is interacted with.

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