SKU: SP10.

VuePix SP10 10mm Sports Perimeter LED Panel/Video Tile

  • Description

    The VuePix SP Series is a dedicated high performance LED Sports Perimeter solution for advertising and digital signage in sporting fields.

    The SP panels were specifically designed to comply with the latest UEFA requirements as well as the highest radiation immunity and emission regulations (EN 55022-A class B standards).

    The SP system offers perfect operational stability even with external sources of electric and electromagnetic interference, e.g. TV operation signals. The panels are also equipped with fail safe components to ensure flawless operation.

    With a high refresh rate of more than 3200Hz, you get perfectly stable broadcasting footage even in slow motion. The VuePix SP series feature an automatic colour calibration system, which will automatically adjust your content to the highest visual standard.

    All the electronic components of the system are easy to service and LED modules can be replaced from front or rear access in no time.

    The SP Series system has an independent RCD Protection, making it absolutely safe to operate in the sporting fields. It is designed with rubber louvers and paddings to protect players from an injury.

    The SP Series also offer panels specifically designed to be placed in the sporting fields to act as emergency and service gates, to provide you with the whole an end-end integrated LED digital system for your stadium.

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