SKU: SW3322-C1.

Swivl C Series Robot – C1 Lesson Capture Assistant

  • Description

    Swivl Robot turns your mobile device into a front-of-room assistant and complete video solution. It follows you as you move around and interact with others, stops to focus on whiteboards when needed and even scans rooms at your command to capture groups and whiteboards.


    Professional development

    Don’t distract students and educators from learning and teaching to boost performance. Capture and share lessons on video with Swivl, and allow administrators to provide coaching anytime, anywhere.


    Flipped classroom

    End your struggle to find online examples of content or use new development tools. Instead, use Swivl to turn every lesson into learning content and measure its effectiveness with Swivl Cloud.


    Lecture capture

    Cut down the time required for teachers to create, edit and post lessons. The Swivl solution automates the process, enabling teachers to easily build and share secure libraries of content.



    Stop worrying about your content’s privacy. Improve skills and learning outcomes by sharing teaching techniques amongst staff, or even with other institutions, with Swivl’s controlled sharing tools.

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