Samsung QB65H-TR 65″ E-board Interactive Touch Screen

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    With more employees and students participating remotely in collaborative conversation, today’s meeting rooms and classrooms require displays with capabilities exceeding those offered by legacy projectors and analog boards. A more versatile and interactive alternative ensures that both facilitators and leaders remain engaged and attentive, and eliminates common productivity hurdles.

    Samsung’s QBH-TR Series interactive whiteboards elevate information sharing and drive stronger conversation within an all-in-one format. The displays enable simultaneous real-time interaction, with all participants able to make notations and introduce new content from any location. Within the QBH-TR Series displays, refined touch technology, the intuitive MagicIWB S5 management platform and UHD picture quality come together to facilitate more effective interaction.

    With the QBH-TR Series displays, businesses and classrooms can focus more on generating impactful ideas and exchanging information and less on the frustrations and logistical obstacles that often accompany collaboration.


    Seamless Interaction.

    The QBH-TR Series provides a smooth, fully-functional digital writing experience in an intuitive format. Up to four different participants can make simultaneous notations on the central screen, using either dedicated pens or touch interaction.

    Samsung QB65H-TR 65" Interactive E-board Touch Screen Melbourne Australia


    Expanded Content Integration.

    Each QBH-TR Series display offers dedicated HDMI, DVI-D, DP and USB ports where users can share and revise content from connected personal devices. Through the Working Screen feature, users can quickly alternate between multiple screen sources in just a few quick touches.

    Samsung QB65H-TR 65" Interactive E-board Touch Screen Melbourne Australia


    Elevate Collaboration Quality.

    Remote workers can stay involved in conversations through the QBH-TR Series’ seamless laptop streaming. Facilitators can work with all participants to access and upload content without sacrificing UHD picture quality or ultra-high resolution. Participants also can trust the displays’ integrated Knox security system to prevent information leakage and external interference.

    Samsung QB65H-TR 65" Interactive E-board Touch Screen Melbourne Australia

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