SKU: RealPresence Group 500.

Polycom RealPresence Group 500

  • Description

    Content Collaboration Experiences
    - Share content up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second – video clips, CAD animations, medical diagrams, or anything else you can dream up.
    – Polycom VisualBoard technology lets you mark up documents, drawings, or anything else you share during a call. Simply connect a touch display or a mouse to RealPresence Group to instantly transform simple content sharing into an interactive and collaborative experience.
    – Use Polycom Concierge with your favourite personal device to simplify the entire meeting experience – from remote control to content sharing to meeting controls.
    – Use the People+Content IP application to wirelessly share from a PC or Mac.

    Video Experiences
    – EagleEye Producer uses innovative facial-tracking algorithms to accurately frame all room participants, or focus on the person speaking— whichever you prefer, eliminating the “bowling alley” view that is all too common in video calls.
    – For a more immersive feel, EagleEye Director offers the highest performance speaker tracking experience, transmitting facial expressions and body language for higher impact and more productive video collaboration.
    – Easy and intuitive interface, even if you’ve never used video before.
    – Polycom SmartPairing technology makes it simple to use your own tablet to start and manage video calls.
    – Each room can display its own calendar from Microsoft Outlook, with a single click to join meetings, simplifying connections for users.
    – Add RealPresence Media Suite to easily create high-quality recordings and webcasts for training, corporate communications, knowledge management and more

    Audio Experiences
    - RealPresence Group Series features the ultimate voice clarity, automatically reducing background noises and delivering advanced echo cancellation to keep meetings on track and free from distractions.
    – Lost Packet Recovery protects the audio and video in challenging network environments, keeping the experience optimal for users even in difficult network conditions.
    – Polycom NoiseBlock technology keeps annoying sounds such as keyboard clicking and paper rustling from interrupting your meetings.
    – Polycom Acoustic Fence captures sounds from inside the virtual fence while blocking those from outside, enabling video collaboration in open workspaces.
    – Add Polycom SoundStructure to enable highly sophisticated audio tuning and configuration, plus the ability to add dozens of additional microphones, delivering clarity for everyone even in your largest spaces.

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