Crestron Flex R-Series Portable/Mobile UC System

  • Description

    The need to share knowledge and work collaboratively is more critical than ever. Now, the new Crestron Flex R-Series is a mobile UC System that brings collaboration to wherever it’s needed most. Closing the distance between remote teams wherever they may be. Quickly. Easily. Cost-effectively. All that’s required is two cables: power and network.


    Great audio and video quality ensures everyone is seen and every word is heard.

    – Intelligent camera with 150° field of vision
    – 360° quad mic array with 20’ range available with the Crestron Flex R-Series Plus
    – Adaptative beam forming mic technology with 15’ range available with the Crestron Flex R-Series

    Each Crestron R-Series Option:

    – Supports a 50” or 60” display
    – Comes with retractable Ethernet and power cables for easy connections and rapid deployment

    – Supports Crestron AirMedia® Wireless Presentation System