Crestron CCS-UCA-MIC KIT Microphone Pods, set of 2

  • Description

    The CCS-UCA-MIC is a low-profile extension microphone “pod” designed exclusively for use with a Crestron Mercury™ Tabletop Conference System (CCS-UC-1). Up to two mic pods may be connected to a single CCS-UC-1 base unit to extend its pickup range to cover large or long tables. The CCS-UCA-MIC is sold in sets of two. Two 12 ft (3.7 m) cables are included.

    When wiring up two mic pods, they may be daisy-chained, or each may be home-run to the base unit, using the cables included. To support one or two mic pods, the base unit must be powered using the PW-2420RU power pack.[1]


    Key Features

    – Set of two Crestron Mercury™ extension microphones
    – Attractive, low-profile design
    – 360 degree pickup
    – 20 ft (6 m) range
    – Mic mute button and indicator
    – Home-run or daisy-chain wiring
    – Two 12 ft (3.7 m) cables included
    – Powered via the CCS-UC-1 base unit [1]