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AirMedia® Series 3 Receiver AM-3100-WF-I 100 with Wi-Fi® Connectivity, International

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    The AirMedia® Series 3 Receiver 100 (AM‑3100‑WF-I) enables secure wireless collaboration in the modern digital workspace. Easy to deploy and manage, install the Receiver in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lounges, lobbies, or almost any space to establish a productive meeting environment.

    Connect and Present
    The Receiver can be placed beneath, mounted beside, or mounted invisibly behind a display to implement a smart room with wireless collaboration. It features AirMedia wireless presentation capability, an HDMI® output to the display (up to 4K), and various USB interfaces for wireless conferencing and touch interactivity. Connect your laptop, smart phone, tablet, AirMedia Connect adapter, or other source type to instantly present the source image on the display.

    AirMedia Wireless Presentation
    With AirMedia technology, users can wirelessly present content from laptops, smartphones, and tablet devices via built in Wi‑Fi® network capabilities or via an external Wi‑Fi® wireless network. Present content from desktop or laptop computers using downloadable client software, the AirMedia extension for the Google Chrome™ web browser, or Miracast® screen mirroring technology (Windows® 10 computers only). Present content from Android™ and iOS® mobile devices with the AirMedia app.
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    AirMedia Canvas
    Present multiple sources simultaneously with the AirMedia Canvas feature. AirMedia Canvas supports a maximum of two sources out of the box or nine sources with a software license (sold separately, coming soon). To maximize screen coverage, AirMedia Canvas automatically configures the best possible layout based on the number of active sources, the type of sources, and their aspect ratios. Use the AirMedia app or a connected touch screen (sold separately) to manage sources and their position on the display.

    Enhanced Onscreen Experience
    When no source is connected, the AM‑3100‑WF-I displays a customizable welcome screen on the room display with simple instructions for connecting and presenting. Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server® (for Outlook® and Microsoft 365® software users), Google Calendar™, or Crestron Fusion® room scheduling software allows the space’s availability and meeting details to appear onscreen. As the meeting progresses, notifications appear periodically to indicate both the time left in the meeting and the next scheduled event. Pop-up messages sent from Crestron Fusion may also appear in the event of an emergency or to deliver an important announcement.

    Add-on Control Options
    Enable manual control of the AM‑3100‑WF-I by adding a 7 in. or 10 in. Crestron® TS- or TSW- 70 series touch screen. The touch screen provides an additional view of the room schedule and meeting details as well as controls for input source selection, display power on/off, and display volume and mute. Add a Power over Ethernet occupancy sensor (CEN‑ODT‑C‑POE) to control display or digital signage on/off based on room occupancy or vacancy.

    XiO Cloud® Provisioning and Management Service
    The AM‑3100‑WF-I is compatible with the XiO Cloud service, which enables installers and IT managers to easily deploy and manage thousands of devices. The XiO Cloud service allows for system alerts and network management and provisioning.

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    Enterprise-Grade Security
    The AirMedia Presentation System is an enterprise-grade solution that can be deployed across hundreds of spaces and set up easily using just a web browser, Crestron Fusion, or XiO Cloud software. Employing standard network security protocols such as 802.1x network access control, Active Directory® authentication, and AES content encryption, the AM‑3100‑WF-I protects privacy and ensures compliance with your organization’s IT policies.

    Hybrid Wireless Connectivity with the AirMedia Adapter (Coming Soon)
    As an alternative to software based AirMedia wireless presentation, the AM‑3100‑WF-I is compatible with the AirMedia Presentation Adapter (AM‑TX3‑100, coming soon). Simply plug the adapter into a personal device’s USB‑C® port to connect to the AM‑3100‑WF-I. The adapter communicates wirelessly with the system using built‑in Wi‑Fi to display content up to a 4K/30 resolution.

    Wireless Conferencing (Coming Soon)
    Wireless conferencing provides a premium collaboration experience by enabling video calling from almost any laptop device or meeting room application.2

    Native Appspace Functionality (Coming Soon)
    Integration with the Appspace® digital signage application allows the AM‑3100‑WF-I to show Appspace content on a connected display when a space is not in use.

    Whiteboard Capture Device Compatibility (Coming Soon)
    The AM‑3100‑WF-I works with Kaptivo® Whiteboard Capture Devices. Simply pair the whiteboard capture device with the AM‑3100‑WF-I, and all of the device controls are available on a connected touch screen.3 Use a touch screen to manage remote participants, start and stop whiteboard sessions, route whiteboard content to an associated display, or email a snapshot or timeline of a whiteboard session.4

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    Crestron Fusion Room Monitoring (Coming Soon)
    Presentation spaces can be managed and centrally monitored through the Crestron Fusion enterprise management service. By adding an optional occupancy sensor (CEN‑ODT‑C‑POE), the AM‑3100‑WF-I can report and log when people are in the space, turn the display on and off accordingly, and make unused spaces available for new bookings. Crestron Fusion software supports room scheduling, and can integrate with a variety of third-party calendaring applications. Instant alerts notify the help desk to rapidly resolve any problems and maximize uptime and workflow.

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